Integrated Management Policy

Project Supervision and Management International SL, hereinafter PSMI, wishes to maintain an integrated policy in permanent renewal, with the purpose that continuous improvement is reflected in an increase in the satisfaction of our clients.

The Integrated Management Policy has been adapted to the activities developed by PSMI:

– Technical assistance in the construction, logistics, assembly and commissioning of wind farms.

PSMI’s fundamental goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through products and services that meet their requirements and expectations; the commitment to comply with customer requirements; improvement in Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety; compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements; and the continuous improvement of the Management System.

In order to achieve this objective, we offer the excellence of our products and services based on the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 standards. We guarantee our services and take responsibility for the work carried out. To achieve these goals, the staff of our organization is aware of the need to:

  • Identify and analyze the context of the Organization.
  • Understand and satisfy the needs of the interested parties in the Organization.
  • Understand and satisfy the needs of our clients, monitoring the work from the beginning.
  • Establish fundamental management processes to organize and control the services provided and the management system. Identifying and managing the risks and opportunities related to the processes.
  •  Comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, whether these are legal, contractual, or otherwise, that are applicable to our activity.
  •  Carry out work as efficiently as possible.
  •  Encourage continuous improvement in the development of projects and their control.
  • Train, motivate and involve affected personnel in Quality System management.
  • Provide the necessary resources to guarantee the correct performance of the Integrated Management System and achieve the conformity of the service / product.

  • Quickly detect problems and take the necessary measures to mitigate the consequences of these and avoid their repetition.
  •  Preventing pollution and promoting continual improvement in environmental management. Commitment to environmental protection, including pollution prevention, and other specific commitments relevant to the context of the organization.
  • Promote accident prevention and continuous improvement in the management and performance of the established Health and Safety System.
  • Facilitate and encourage participation and consultation with workers on health and safety matters.
  • Establish actions and programs aimed at preventing problems / incidents, through risk management.
  • Establish systems to measure the needs of clients and thus increase their degree of satisfaction with PSMI services.
  • Plan and develop activities for the continuous improvement of products and services. As well as planning and improving our processes, approving and promoting gradually more ambitious quality and environmental objectives, and identifying areas for improvement to be more competitive every day.

Through continuous improvement in all the processes of the organization, we fulfill the strategic objective of the same, which is based on achieving the satisfaction of our clients by optimizing the “cost / effectiveness” ratio, the improvement in environmental performance, and the safety and prevention of workers’ health.

This continuous improvement applies to our entire scope of action, and is based on organization, planning, agility, and responsiveness. This is also the framework for establishing and reviewing measurable quality objectives.

All the people in the organization (at all levels) who influence quality must know the policy and the objectives. To achieve this, we distribute documents that apply to each level in the different jobs.

The Management, for its part, assumes the commitment and responsibilities that fall within its competence, in the development of this management policy.

In Madrid, October 31, 2022

                                                                                                                                                      The direction

                                                                                                                                                      Signed: Alejandro Costa Ripoll